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Wind mitigation inspections have become a must-have requirement for reasonable insurance premiums. Most homeowners know of the benefit of getting these inspections and most insurance providers recommend getting one.

If you’ve had your home built or your roof replaced after March 2002, chances are, it qualifies for additional credit and reductions to your homeowner’s insurance premiums. These inspections need to be performed every 5 years to continue to receive the credit.

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The Process

A wind mitigation inspection generally takes about one hour. We will complete a Florida Office of Insurance Regulation OIR-B1-1802 (Rev. 01/12) form (1802 form or Wind Mit form) for your insurance company. We are licensed by the state of Florida to perform these inspections.

We Can Help

You owe it to yourself to get the lowest insurance prmiums. If your home is ready to weather a hurricane, you might as well get it documented so you can receive the savings.

Savings For You

We submit the survey report findings to home insurance providers for additional credit and discounts. More often than not, the inspection report fee is more than recovered by savings with the first insurance premiums. Older homes that did not take part in the “My Safe Florida Home” program will not realize any savings since the dwellings are still vulnerable to being destroyed in High Velocity Hurricane winds.

If you have your home re-roofed, it requires the contractor to bring the roof sheathing up to current code, which will most likely qualify for additional discounts. The survey report is valid for 5 years. During the inspection, your inspector documents roof-to-wall ties, roof deck attachment, secondary water resistance (SWR) methods, roof covering and installation, wind and flying debris protection for the garage door and openings to the home, and documents the current condition of the dwelling.

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